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AONE Annual Meeting April 12-15 in Indianapolis

The AONE Annual Meeting will take place from April 12-15 in Indianapolis. The conference provides attendees with the occasion to engage with nurse leaders from across the country and features educational courses, social events and networking opportunities. Course topics run the gamut from finance and business skills for nurse managers to building resilience and managing stress. You can find more details on the event here.

Nurses Rescue Collapsed Man at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Two nurses revived a man who had stopped breathing during a St. Patrick's Day Parade in Delaware, the News Journal reports. When nurse Karlee McGinnis saw the commotion, she came to the fallen man's aid and immediately began performing chest compressions. Another nurse, Lew Smiley, began resuscitation breathing exercises on him as McGinnis continued with the compressions. After a full minute, the man's pulse surfaced, and he gulped for air. The man, a former judge, was taken to a hospital and has recovered, the News Journal says. "When I came onto the scene, he was dead," Smiley told the News Journal. "He had no heartbeat and no pulse. If she hadn't started compressions when she did, I don't think he would have made it."

Singing Nurse Proves Power of Positivity to Surgery Patients

They call him "the singing nurse," but Tommy Rushton, a surgical nurse at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, ID, has a whole range of methods to keep patients calm before surgery, reports. In addition to singing, Rushton often tells jokes and keeps the mood light. His patients attest to the power of his positivity, calling it "a relief from the anxiety" of their upcoming procedures.

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