Hope Huddles Focus on Positive, Inspiring Stories During Pandemic

Lenox Hill Hospital front-line workers cheering
Photo credit: Northwell Health

A new kind of huddle at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City focuses on the importance of sustaining hope for front-line workers during the pandemic. Emily Fawcett, R.N., a float nurse on all floors at the hospital, started and led "hope huddles" with ER and ICU nurses to provide optimism, closure and camaraderie while caring for very ill patients. Now these huddles are occurring on every floor across the hospital, in addition to other regular huddles.

During hope huddles, held at the beginning of shift changes, staff share news of patients recovering and other inspiring, even humorous, stories. "It really just came about to spread positivity, good patient outcomes, how we’re saving lives here at Lenox Hill and give us a little pep in our step," nurse Emily told the New York Post. She added, "The hope huddles are bringing hope to our hospital, and they’re bringing a little light." A YouTube video highlights the first weeks of Lenox Hill’s huddles of hope.