Rogers Behavioral Health Leads Conversations on ‘Compassion Resilience’

2 hands comforting together

Rogers Behavioral Health, based in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, has launched the Compassion Resilience Toolkit with discussion materials, blogs and video clips customized for health care teams, school leadership teams, parents and caregivers.

Compassion resilience "is the ability to maintain our physical, emotional and mental well-being while responding compassionately to people who are suffering." This toolkit includes information, activities and resources for understanding, recognizing and minimizing the experience of compassion fatigue and increasing compassion resilience skills from an individual and organizational perspective—particularly important during the pandemic.

Although the toolkit is organized for professional facilitator teams to implement, it's also available for use by virtual groups of health care professionals, educators, friends or family members. The content in the toolkit's eight sessions engages conversations on compassion in action, compassion fatigue, expectations, boundary setting, wellness and resilience strategies and more. Rogers InHealth also offers a free video series on staying resilient during COVID-19.

Rogers InHealth produced the toolkits in collaboration with its partners at WISE. It recently added the Compassion in Action: COVID-19 series featuring videos and blogs on compassion resilience topics like boundaries to support team culture, locus of control, mindfulness, stress and gratitude related to challenges of the pandemic. By viewing the short videos, employees can earn required education credits.