The Pandemic in One Child’s Words: Doctors vs. Villain Viruses

Nebraska med center letter from child
Photo credit: @UNMC_ID

It’s too soon now to know what kind of impact living through the COVID-19 pandemic will have on children. But the dedication and compassion of those working on the front lines is not likely to be forgotten, even by the youngest in our communities.

A fourth-grader wrote and illustrated a heartfelt thank-you note to doctors fighting “villain viruses.” It was shared by Omaha-based Nebraska Medicine on one of its Twitter accounts. In this child’s words:

Dear Omaha Doctors,

I hope you are rolling in thank-you and appreciation notes … you deserve it.

But I know that’s not why you do it. You do it because you want to help people, even if it puts you in danger.

You are working hard to develop a vaccine for COVID and are with first-time parents during some of their happiest moments. You save people every day and help people during hard times.

You are all heroes and some of the smartest people out there. I hope this will encourage you to persevere in these difficult times … not that I don’t have faith in you.

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