CEO’s Daily COVID-19 Updates Keep a Rural Community Informed

Daily update from NCH CEO, Marty Fattig : COVID-19 (Stethoscope on laptop)
Photo credit: @NemahaCounty Hospital

Communicating regularly and effectively during any crisis is crucial. During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health systems are not only caring for patients but also sharing important, reliable messages about the virus, its symptoms, how to stay safe, vaccination plans — and so much more.

At Nemaha County Hospital in Auburn, Nebraska, CEO Marty Fattig has shared daily updates about the coronavirus since March 31. The updates, for the hospital’s staff and the entire community, are posted on the hospital’s website and Facebook page.

During the beginning of the pandemic, the updates included information about preventing the spread of coronavirus, the hospital’s supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing. More recently, the updates share details about the COVID-19 vaccine and the hospital’s vaccination schedule and plans. All daily updates include the current number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, in nearby counties, the state, the U.S. and the world.

CEO Marty Fattig has closed most of his daily updates with the reminder to "be kind to each other."