AHA Statement on Political Giving Practices Following Tragic Events at U.S. Capitol

January 14, 2021

The AHA Board of Trustees today approved the following statement on AHA’s political giving practices.

“The tragic events last week at the U.S. Capitol were an assault on our democracy. This prompted the AHA to begin an immediate review of our political giving practices to ensure they are guided by our Association’s vision and mission, as well as the democratic values we share as a nation.

“AHA’s political contributions are made under the authority of the AHA Board of Trustees in consultation with our Political Action Committee Steering Committee, state hospital association partners, and hospital and health system leaders from lawmakers’ states and districts.

“Our decision process evaluates each candidate individually based on a broad set of factors. After conversations with the groups mentioned above, we have decided that for individuals who voted against accepting the results of the Electoral College, we will immediately suspend political contributions.

“Hospitals and health systems have a special role to play as community leaders, healers and caregivers for our patients and the wider communities we serve. As we said last week, now is the time for our country to come together and begin the healing process.”


Contact:       Marie Johnson, (202) 626-2351 mjohnson@aha.org
Colin Milligan, (202) 638-5491, cmilligan@aha.org