AHA Statement on CDC Decision Endorsing Booster Shots for Health Care Workers

Rick Pollack
President and CEO
American Hospital Association
September 24, 2021 

The FDA and CDC’s recent booster shot policy decisions are important steps toward ending COVID-19. The FDA and CDC’s review further confirms the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, and underscores why hospitals and health systems have worked so hard to vaccinate their staff and communities. We encourage all of those for whom the booster shot is recommended to take it. And, we again strongly urge those who are not yet vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and their communities by receiving the vaccine as soon as possible.

We welcome Dr. Walensky’s decision to recommend the booster shot for frontline health care workers, which aligns with the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization for booster shots that includes health care workers and others whose occupations increase their risk of exposure to COVID-19. Health care workers were among the first to receive the vaccines, and many workers are now nine months out from their initial vaccine series. At a time when hospitals across the country are experiencing ongoing surges in COVID-19 hospitalizations and severe workforce shortages, all available tools — including booster shots —  should be considered to keep frontline health care workers safe and safeguard access to care. 


Contact:        Colin Milligan, (202) 638-5491, cmilligan@aha.org
                      Marie Johnson, (202) 626-2351, mjohnson@aha.org


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