AHA Statement on Final FTC Noncompete Regulation

Chad Golder
General Counsel
American Hospital Association

April 23, 2024


For all of the reasons the AHA explained in its comment letter, the FTC’s final rule banning non-compete agreements for all employees across all sectors of the economy is bad law, bad policy, and a clear sign of an agency run amok. The agency’s stubborn insistence on issuing this sweeping rule — despite mountains of contrary legal precedent and evidence about its adverse impacts on the health care markets — is further proof that the agency has little regard for its place in our constitutional order. Three unelected officials should not be permitted to regulate the entire U.S. economy and stretch their authority far beyond what Congress granted it — including by claiming the power to regulate certain tax-exempt, non-profit organizations. The only saving grace is that this rule will likely be short-lived, with courts almost certain to stop it before it can do damage to hospitals’ ability to care for their patients and communities.