A collection of infographics from AHA Hospital Statistics on Fast Facts on U.S. Hospitals, Fast Facts on U.S. Health Systems, Fast Facts on U.S. Rural Hospitals, and Obstetrics: U.S. Rural Hospitals.
The data in these infographics comes from American Hospital Association Fast Facts on U.S. Hospitals 2024. The data is from FY2022.
While Medicare has historically reimbursed hospitals below the cost of providing care to patients, new data shows that Medicare payment levels hit record lows in 2022.
This AHA infographic outlines statistics on the impact of maternal mental health, and shares strategies and resources hospitals can use to support those experiencing such conditions.
Understanding the prevalence of maternal mental health disorders is an important step in how you interact with patients. The language you use can help remove negative and stereotypical labels and improve encounters with patients.
The Bipartisan Primary Care and Health Workforce Expansion Act (S. 2840) would cut hospital reimbursements by eliminating facility fees for telehealth services. The expansion of telehealth over the past few years has transformed health care delivery, improved access for millions of Americans, and…
A new Morning Consult poll found health systems overwhelmingly meet patient expectations when it comes to receiving care.
127 million patients treated in emergency departments. 3.5 million babies delivered. 659 million outpatient visits. 27 million surgeries performed. Each hospital job supports nearly three additional jobs. 6.3 million persons directly employed by hospitals nationwide. 23.4 million total jobs…
Defining Behavioral Health: Behavioral health disorders include both mental illness and substance-use disorders. Persons with behavioral health care needs may suffer from either or both types of conditions as well as physical comorbidities.