Aug 1, 2012
PLF hosted a session on achieving team-based health care delivery. David Nash, MD, founding dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health and professor of health policy at Thomas Jefferson University, delivered the keynote address. Dr. Nash spoke about the need for hospitals to do a better job…
Aug 1, 2012
“End of life care,” “serious illness” or “advanced illness” are some of the terms used to categorize the set of services for patients and families during the course of illness. The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (CTAC) defines advanced Illness as “…
Jul 1, 2012
The compendium is a collection of action-oriented resources that can help design and implement strategies that will assist in delivering care that is safe, timely, equitable, effective, efficient and patient-centered.
Jun 1, 2012
This chartpack offers a snapshot of some common strategies used to improve the quality of care that hospitals provide to all patients, regardless of race or ethnicity.
May 11, 2012
Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are forming in communities across the country. In ACOs, health care providers take responsibility for a defined patient population,
May 1, 2012
This guide provides hospital leaders with a snapshot of hospitals' current readiness to participate in an ACO, as well as a tool with which to gauge their own organizations' relative preparedness for ACO participation.
Apr 1, 2012
To meet patient needs in the current market, hospitals have traditionally focused their efforts on caring for individuals and personalizing care for each person admitted to their facility.
Mar 1, 2012
This guide describes how HCAHPS data should be used in context with other information about organizational performance. It highlights cultural elements necessary to build a firm foundation for HCAHPS success.
Mar 1, 2012
As health care moves to a value-based business model, health care payments will likely be reduced, while care efficiency, quality, outcomes and access will be expected to improve.
Feb 1, 2012
Health care equity has become an important discussion nationally as policymakers aim to improve quality of care while lowering costs through a variety of changes to existing incentives. Recognizing that there are areas for improvement is a first step, but it must be followed by actionable…