Dec 11, 2012
In 2012, CPI focused on approaches to managing life in the gap —the transition period between the first-curve and second-curve economic markets, specifically in advanced illness management (AIM).
Nov 19, 2012
A key objective of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's new reimbursement and payment methodology is to shift the nation's health care delivery system from one that is paid based on volume to a payment system based on value. To cross the chasm between a fee-for-service health…
Nov 15, 2012
Palliative care specializes in taking care of patients with serious illness and focuses on providing relief from symptoms, pain and stress in order to improve the quality of life for patients and thei
Nov 9, 2012
A monograph from the Association of American Medical Colleges, in partnership with the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, examines the role of the chief diversity officer in academic health centers. The report discusses complexities and challenges associated with the chief diversity…
Nov 8, 2012
Authors William F. Jessee, MD and David Rowlee, Ph. D. from Integrated Healthcare Strategies, discuss the evolution of hospital/physician relationships from alignment to engagement and integration as a critical path for the improved performance necessary to achieve greater value. They focus on the…
Nov 1, 2012
In 1996, as the growth in managed care increased the role for general internists and primary care physicians, the term hospitalist was coined.
Oct 1, 2012
Hospitals are on a never-ending journey of quality improvement—employing new technologies and techniques and research on what works, as well as continuously training new workers and meeting the needs of sicker patients. While hospitals are at different points on their quality path, all…
Oct 1, 2012
There has been a growing interest over the past several years in the concept of payment bundling, whereby services for physicians, hospitals, post-acute care providers and others would be 'bundled' together into a single payment covering an episode of care over a specified period of time.
Sep 1, 2012
Authored by Kaufman Hall executives, this guide describes the groundwork and prerequisites required for successful hospital-physician integration.