Executive Management Group

Richard J. Pollack
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Hospital Association
Phone: (202) 626-2363
Email: rick@aha.org
Michelle Hood headshot

Michelle Hood
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AHA
President and CEO, Health Forum
Phone: (312) 422-3376
Email: mhood@aha.org

Stacey Hughes headshot

Stacey Hughes
Executive Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy
Phone: (202) 626-2358
Email: shughes@aha.org

Robyn Begley profile photo

Robyn Begley, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
AHA Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
AONL Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (312) 422-2824
Email: rbegley@aha.org

Chris DeRienzo headshot

Chris DeRienzo, MD
Senior Vice President, Chief Physician Executive
Phone: (312) 422-3066
Email: cderienzo@aha.org

Susan Gergely profile photo

Susan Gergely, EdD
Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer
Phone: (312) 422-2815
Email: sgergely@aha.org

Chad Golder profile photo

Chad Golder
General Counsel and Secretary
Phone: (202) 626-4624
Email: cgolder@aha.org

Lisa Kidder Hrobsky headshot

Lisa Kidder Hrobsky
Senior Vice President, Federal Relations, Advocacy, and Political Affairs
Phone: (202) 626-2244
Email: lkidder@aha.org

Joy Lewis headshot

Joy Lewis
Senior Vice President, Health Equity Strategies
Executive Director, Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (IFDHE)
Phone: (202) 626-2366
Email: jlewis@aha.org

Alicia Mitchell
Senior Vice President, Communications
Phone: (202) 626-2339
Email: amitchell@aha.org

Jeanette Porter headshot

Jeanette (Jen) Porter, EdD, MBA
Senior Vice President, Field Engagement
Phone: (312) 422-2878
Email: jporter@aha.org

Megan Schaefer headshot

Megan Schaefer
Vice President, Governance
Phone: (312) 422-2775
Email: mschaefer@aha.org

Doug Shaw

Doug Shaw
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Phone: (312) 422-2121
Email: dshaw@aha.org

Ashley Thompson
Senior Vice President, Public Policy Analysis and Development
Phone: (202) 626-2688
Email: athompson@aha.org

Jay Tyler, Jr., headshot

Jay Tyler, Jr.
Senior Vice President, Association Services
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (312) 422-3160
Email: jtyler@aha.org

Darlene Vanderbush
Vice President, Executive Operations
Phone: (202) 626-2361
Email: dvanderbush@aha.org