Live from AHA Annual Meeting: Workforce Task Force Update

Ask nearly any health care CEO in America what they consider their number 1 problem and they can answer with one word: Workforce. The pandemic has brought long-simmering workforce challenges to a boil. Over the past couple of years the demands and stress on health care workers has gone way up…while job satisfaction and staff retention has gone way down. What can be done? A new American Hospital Association Workforce Task Force is in the hunt for answers. Welcome to Advancing Health, a podcast coming to you this week from the American Hospital Association’s Annual Membership Meeting in Washington, D.C. Ron Werft, president and CEO of Cottage Health in Santa Barbara, California is chair of the AHA’s board-appointed workforce task force. In this podcast, he speaks with Robyn Begley, the AHA’s chief nursing officer and CEO of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, about what the Task Force is tasked with, and how it’s helping lead the development of resources for the field.