Partnering with Area Agencies on Aging: Tactics for Success

As the US population continues to age, leaders at hospitals and health systems are increasingly partnering with community-based organizations to address the social and non-medical health needs of older individuals, including nutrition and transportation assistance, social connection, and caregiver support. Area Agencies on Aging are one of the community-based organizations that hospitals and health systems are forging strong, dynamic partnerships with. Today, we have a conversation that explores the ways in which hospitals and health systems are partnering with Area Agencies on Aging, as well as tips on some common pitfalls to avoid in these partnerships. Nancy Myers is the Vice President of Leadership and System Innovation at the AHA, where she leads strategy and programmatic work on population health that supports hospitals and health systems and their strategic partners to equitably support the health of the communities they serve. Marisa Scala-Foley is the Director of the Aging and Disability Business Institute, a part of USAging. The Business Institute provides community-based organizations with tools and resources they can use to successfully adapt to a changing health care environment, enhance their organizational capacity and capitalize on emerging opportunities to diversify funding.