AHA to Honor Front-line Health Care Workers through National ‘Season of Thanks’ Campaign

AHA Member Advisory
November 16, 2021

Effort launches Nov. 22, with content available for hospitals and health systems to use with their communities throughout the holiday season

The AHA Nov. 22 will launch a national, multi-faceted “thank you” campaign to express the organization’s profound appreciation for our nation’s hospital and health care workers and reiterate how highly they are valued.

As part of these efforts, the AHA today released a video thanking the many health care professionals working in America’s hospitals and health systems for their dedication and compassion in caring for our communities. AHA members can adapt this public service announcement with your organization’s logo.

The “Season of Thanks,” campaign is an extension of our efforts to reinforce the crucial role hospitals and health care workers play in serving the community. The campaign will include additional public service announcements, as well as other digital content and assets that can be adapted and used by hospitals and health systems. In addition, the AHA will continue its Forever Grateful dynamic digital campaign featuring local patient testimonials from across the country.

Now, more than ever, we must honor and support the nurses, physicians and all members of our health care teams who continue to provide critical care, comfort and compassion during the ongoing pandemic.

The AHA encourages hospitals and health systems to please plan now so you can participate in this important effort. With hospitals and health systems serving every part of our nation, we can create a powerful movement for this important effort.

Read on to learn about how your hospital and health system can get involved.

What You Can Do

Social media: The AHA encourages all hospitals, health systems and others to participate in our thank you to health care workers starting Nov. 22 by using social and other digital media to express your thanks to health care professionals. You can get images and more information by visiting www.aha.org/forevergrateful.

How to post your thanks: Beginning Nov. 22, deploy your social media channels to share your own thank you to health care workers; tag the AHA @ahahospitals, if possible, for a retweet. Sample posts include:

  • Thank you to the health care professionals who make America’s #hospitals and health systems places of hope and healing. We are #ForeverGrateful.
  • For all their care, courage and compassion during #COVID19, we thank our health care professionals. You are the strength of our communities, and we are #ForeverGrateful.
  • Join us in showing appreciation for all health care professionals – RT with your #ForeverGrateful message. #Healthcareheroes

Involve your business and community partners: Contact your local businesses and other community partners encouraging their participation in this campaign and thanking your community’s health care workers via social platforms beginning Nov. 22.

Pitch your story to local media: Consider placing an op-ed or advertisement that can run during the holiday season spotlighting and thanking your organization’s workers for their commitment to care during the pandemic.

Further Questions

For questions, please contact Emily Gustafson, AHA’s vice president of digital strategy and public education, at egustafson@aha.org.

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