AHA Environmental Scan: These 5 Technologies Could Transform Society

AHA Environmental Scan 2019 logoMany emerging technologies are showing promise in the quest to find innovative solutions to improve care and reduce costs, but health care executives remain cautious about adoption due to lack of capital and fear of creating unintended operational burdens. This is just one of the many insights you’ll learn when you download the AHA’s 2019 Environmental Scan.

The Environmental Scan, a valuable tool for hospital and governance leaders, also provides a broad spectrum of statistical data that will shape health care over the next year and beyond in such areas as access to care, affordability, workforce, well-being, value, innovation and coordination of care.

The Innovation and Coordination section highlights five emerging technologies that show the greatest potential to transform the nation’s health care system and society, based on a Government Accountability Office report:

  • Genome editing
  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Quantum information science
  • Brain-augmented reality
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

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