Fitbit Forms Its First Partnership with Medicaid Plan

AHA Market Scan Fitbit Forms Its First Partnership with Medicaid Plan. A man looking at his Fitbit on his left wrist.In its first partnership with a Medicaid plan, Fitbit and WellCare of Georgia recently teamed up to provide Medicaid enrollees who have type 2 diabetes with a Fitbit device if they complete an annual diabetic retinal exam.

Starting Jan. 1, about 4,000 WellCare of Georgia Medicaid enrollees will be eligible to receive a Fitbit Inspire device, along with educational materials and activity challenges through Fitbit’s platform. Fitbit devices also will be offered next year in Medicare Advantage plans offered by three insurers. For example, Fitbit devices will be a benefit in 59 UnitedHealthcare plans across 27 states.

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