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Blog: Time to Act: National Minority Health Month Can be a Launchpad to Closing the ‘Knowing-Doing’ Gap

Apr 25, 2022
National Minority Health Month can be a launchpad to closing the ‘knowing-doing’ gap.

AHA’s Health Equity Roadmap Comes to Life: Join Us in Cleveland

Apr 21, 2022
Attendees of the upcoming Accelerating Health Equity Conference, May 10-12 in Cleveland, will have an excellent opportunity to see the Health Equity Roadmap come to life as they join counterparts in other health care and community organizations for hands-on learning that can bolster efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

Blog: AHA Launches the Health Equity Roadmap – We Asked One of Its Architects Why It’s a Big Deal

Apr 19, 2022
We spoke with Leon D. Caldwell, AHA’s senior director for health equity strategies and innovation and one of the Health Equity Roadmap’s architects, about its importance to hospitals and health systems.

Perspective: Speaking with One Voice to Advocate for Strong Hospitals and Healthy Communities

Apr 15, 2022
Hospital and health system leaders from across the country next weekend will begin to arrive in Washington, D.C.

Lown Institute Report on Hospital Community Benefits Misses Mark

Apr 12, 2022
All hospitals and health systems, regardless of size, location and type of ownership, are dedicated to caring for their patients and communities in a wide variety of ways.

Perspective: Supporting Our Field on the Journey to Health Equity

Apr 1, 2022
When it comes to the state of American health care, we have much to be proud of. At the same time, we must also acknowledge that the benefits of our nation’s health care system have not always been equally accessible to all of our citizens.

Blog: Transgender Day of Visibility

Mar 31, 2022
Each year, health professionals and community organizers team up for National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, held March 21-25).

Accelerating Health Equity: Moving from Conversation to Action

Mar 31, 2022
Now is the time to evaluate how far we have come in closing gaps in health disparities, assess where health care is on the equity journey and take what we’ve learned to strengthen our organizations and communities through collaborative and innovative work — by investing in our neighborhoods and one another.

Chair File: Leadership Dialogue — Talking Workforce Challenges and Solutions with Debbie Hatmaker, Chief Nursing Officer of the American Nurses Association Enterprise

Mar 28, 2022
On this episode, I talk with Debbie Hatmaker, chief nursing officer of the American Nurses Association, the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Nurses Foundation.

Providing Healing, Promoting Hope - AHA Celebrates Women Health Care Workers During National Women’s History Month

Mar 18, 2022
This year’s theme for National Women’s History Month is Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.