AHA Strategic Alliances



Collaborating with community-based organizations is more important now than ever. Hospitals and health systems across the country are “redefining the H” by looking outside of their four walls to create innovative and sustainable partnerships that ultimately lead to healthier communities. At the American Hospital Association, we are also working to ensure that we are collaborating with national partners to reach our vision of a society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health. To that end, we continue to leverage our groundbreaking strategic alliances with the National Urban League and UnidosUs to advance health equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives that our organizations share.

These partnerships are aiming to increase diversity and inclusion within governance by connecting hospital and health system leaders with affiliate leaders of both organizations to serve on boards, collaborate on national policy discussions and share best practices for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we are addressing community challenges around youth violence and post-trauma support and promoting best practices on integrating community health workers onto clinical care teams. Explore this webpage for more information, resources for the field and educational offerings of these partnerships.