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Today, it’s essential to provide nurses and other front-line caregivers with the tools to support clinical workflows while reducing cognitive burden associated with documentation and navigating digital health devices and platforms.

Simplifying clinical workflows and making caregivers’ jobs easier by deploying technologies like smart beds that can sense patients’ conditions and unified mobile communications and nurse call platforms can go a long way toward shaping whether nurses will be able to work smarter, not harder.

Amid this shifting landscape, health care leaders are challenged to deliver a more connected, interoperable digital health ecosystem to collect information, improve nursing communications, and provide more time for patient engagement.

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Key Take Aways

Here is what our experts had to say:


Address health disparities by collecting and using actionable data, including race, ethnicity, language and social determinants of health.


Partner with community-based organizations to address societal factors influencing health outcomes.


Improve understanding of outcomes data across the care continuum, including post-acute care and other care settings.



Baligh Yehia

Baligh Yehia, MD, MPP, FACP

Senior Vice President, Ascension

President, Ascension Medical Group


Eric Evenson

Eric Evenson

Director, Emerging Business

3M Health Information Systems


Akinluwa (Akin) Demehin

Akinluwa (Akin) Demehin

Senior Director, Quality & Patient Safety Policy

American Hospital Association



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