Cost, Quality and Outcomes (CQO) Movement

Jun 1, 2021
Among the many emerging models of primary care from outside disruptors in the field, concierge medicine has been steadily gaining traction with patients. And over the past couple of years, a growing number of health systems have been partnering with One Medical, whose model has been linked to…
May 25, 2021
Just months after ending its Haven collaborative with Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway to cut employee health care costs and improve quality, JPMorgan Chase is banking on a new model. It plans to invest up to $250 million in a new venture — Morgan Health — to improve outcomes and promote health equity.
Jul 10, 2019
Eliminating unnecessary medical tests and procedures can be as important in delivering high-quality care as providing the right interventions. On this AHA Advancing Health Podcast, we speak with Pamela Johnson, vice chair of quality safety and value for the department of radiology at John Hopkins…