2022 National Hospital Week May 8-14

National Hospital Week is an opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems, and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting and connected to their community.

AHA members may request to add their own branding for use in local markets by emailing us.



Hospitals find innovative ways to support the needs of patients and community; this is especially important during surges of COVID-19. During National Hospital Week and all weeks, we recognize the 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, and others who provide care to their community.

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Our caregivers have taken on unimaginable challenges and have risen to the occasion repeatedly and we think it is essential that others see the pandemic from their perspective. We are proud and we are grateful… and we are pleased to share their stories with you. Watch more #WeAreHealthCare: Nurses on the Front Lines or see additional stories below.

Social Media & Engagement Tools

We invite health care workers and community members to participate in National Hospital Week. Share content on your social channels tagging #hospitalweek. A general digital toolkit is now available. Additional content will be released leading up to National Hospital Week. AHA members have the opportunity to add their own branding to social content shared by AHA.

Hospital "H" Profile Takeover Graphics

Show your support for your local hospital by changing your social profiles with one of the three hospital "H" graphics. Download or share with your colleagues and friends.

National Hospital Week AR Filter

Share that you are proud to be a health care provider with the National Hospital Week Instagram and Facebook AR filter effect.


Add the filter to your story by using this link on your mobile device or visit the AHA Instagram account.


Add the filter to your Facebook story by using this link on your mobile device.

Poster for your Hospital

Promote the filter within your hospital with a poster directing staff to use the filter with an easy to access QR code. Download Poster

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