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President Obama Tuesday pointed to the importance of addressing mental illness as part of a nationwide effort to stem gun violence.
Better prevention, new medications, advanced technologies, and the sophisticated care that modern hospitals provide to patients are just some of the ways that hospitals are improving the care they
During the holiday season, the lives of millions of Americans will be filled with the spirit of giving, the importance of family and friends, and a sense of healing, renewal and new opportunity.
A new study out today conflicts head on with an April 2015
A Senate committee this week put the spotlight on the wave of increases in the cost of
As we swing into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) reminds us to make our health a priority this sea
Readmissions are falling fast thanks to the hard work of America’s hospitals to improve care, provide better discharge instructions to patients and partner with patients and others in their communi
Progress is encouraging; continuous progress promises a better future.
The tragic Paris terrorist attacks reminds our country of the important work that the women and men of America’s hospitals do every day to keep our nation safe.
Tomorrow is National Rural Health Day. There is no better time for the nation’s nearly 2,000 small and rural hospitals to join the AHA in thanking our rural health champions in Congress.
A recent study questioned how nonprofit hospitals communic
Antibiotics are one of the great discoveries in medicine and the most important weapon in fighting bacterial diseases.
A new coalition of consumer advocates, employers and others today announced their opposition to the proposed health insurance deals between Aetna/Humana and Anthem/Cigna.  The
Antibiotic resistance – when bacteria stop responding to the drugs designed to kill them – may be the single most important infectious disease threat of our time.
America’s hospitals honor the service of our nation’s veterans and work to provide high-quality care for those who have served in the armed forces.  Working closely with our partners in the Veteran
There is a little-known – but critical – law that helps ensure hospitals are able to care for their communities.  It is a ban on physician self-referral to hospitals in which they have an ownership
Saving an estimated 50,000 lives and $12 billion in health care costs is something to celebrate.  Congratulations to the 3,700 acute-care hospitals that have participated in one of the Hospital Eng
The AHA is proud to support National Apprenticeship Week, November 2-6, sponsored by the Department of Labor (DOL). 
Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace has begun and hospitals are geared up to continue the important work of making the enrollment process easy, accessible and widely available.  Now