Digital Transformation: Anywhere Care

A vital sign of where the health care field is heading

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Health care with no address, or bringing care to the consumer or patient rather than expecting the patient to go to the hospital, is a vital sign of the next wave in health care. The shift toward participatory health is changing the bedrock of the health system from a supply-side push of services out to the consumer, to one in which the pull of consumer demand determines value and activity. The “how” of health care is changing fast. The successful health system of tomorrow will bring about participatory health by being on-demand, connected and data-driven.

This report from the AHA Center for Health Innovation and EY examines how digital transformation makes it possible to do things differently, the three shifts made possible by digital transformation and what to do about them. To remain relevant in a fast-changing environment, providers will need to tackle the duality of growth: taking care of the health care organization of today while innovating to build the health system of tomorrow requires hard decisions around what to pursue, what to repurpose or divest and where to invest. This means not only optimizing supply-side efficiencies through reducing cost and driving time efficiencies, but also deeply understanding the transformative impact of digital health technologies on the ecosystem.

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