Second Curve of Population Health Infographic

Continuing on the second-curve series, AHA highlights the Second Curve of Population Health infographic.

After examining the health care environment, the AHA Board Committee on Performance Improvement released the groundbreaking report, Hospitals and Care Systems of the Future. The report highlights the shift health care providers face when they transform their business and service delivery models from the first curve to the second curve.

The first curve is driven by volume of services provided and fee-for-service reimbursement. The second curve focuses on value--the cost and quantity of care necessary to improve health outcomes.

Since the landmark report, we have released several other guides to assist health leaders in this transformation. This infographic focuses on population health and life in the gap, the period between volume-based delivery and reimbursement and value-based delivery and reimbursement.downloadload a copy, click below.

For further infomation, please read the entire leadership report, The Second Curve of Population Health.

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