During the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I keep finding inspiration in the steadfast commitment of our nation’s nurses, physicians and all team members. They are a constant and reassuring presence, caring for their patients and communities with skill and compassion.

When we emerge from the pandemic into our new normal, we’ll understand even more clearly that our dedicated workforce is the backbone of our health care system. Pandemic or not, delivering high-quality patient care depends on our ability to recruit, train, retain and support our health care workers.

The AHA has released its 2022 Health Care Talent Scan, a review of reports, studies and other data sources from leading organizations. It provides workforce insights and information you can use to guide your organization forward during this time of uncertainty and continued transformation.

It’s focused on achieving several goals, including:

  • Resilience: Reestablish a robust health care workforce to promote well-being, mental health and resilient staffing.
  • Workforce flexibility: Develop a well-trained, interprofessional and flexible workforce with the skills and receptivity for technology and data to match the current and future pace of health care innovation.
  • Capacity: Increase workforce capacity through a pipeline of talent, so hospitals can hire, retain and foster provider growth while supporting health in their communities.
  • Strategy: Support decisions by hospital and health system leaders to prioritize and include the workforce in their organizations’ strategic plans.

I encourage you to review the Talent Scan, and visit AHA.org to find more information on workforce issues and links to case studies, webinars, tools and other resources.

Health care is about human connection — people taking care of people. The people of America’s hospitals and health systems do this each and every day, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the vital role they play in our nation’s health and safety.

Rod Hochman, M.D.
AHA Chair

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