Workforce Planning

Hospitals are strategically planning workforce needs and changing the culture of how contingent nurse staff are received and integrated into teams.
As health care continues to transform in 2024, executives will face challenges related to finances, technology, workforce and other areas. Across the field, thought leaders have been busy offering their best guesses, insights and predictions for how this year is likely to shake out.
Strong leadership is essential for informing and supporting professional shared governance. Effective leaders use the structures of professional governance to build a culture of excellence, where interprofessional teams can exercise accountability for service delivery that advances patient outcomes.
As organizations rethink their approaches to recruitment and retention, many are expanding on the strategic relationships that exist between clinical settings and educational institutions to advance mutual interests and priorities.
The fourth section of the guide includes strategies around hiring veterans, professional governance models and academic-practice partnerships.
As organizations rethink their approaches to recruitment and retention, consider the value military veterans bring. They contribute both clinical skills and leadership experience, both critical as hospitals pursue new care models.
According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there is strain on both ends of the spectrum of nurses, with a significant proportion of the nursing workforce approaching retirement as well as a high volume of nurses leaving the profession under the age of 35. This webinar explores…
AHA’s recently released 2023 Health Care Workforce Scan points out that member organizations are finding innovative ways to recruit, retain staff and build a robust worker pipeline for the future. The report also offers ways to reconnect clinicians to purpose and how to provide the support,…
The third section of the guide describes strategies around recruitment and retention, diversity and inclusion, and creative staffing models.
Hospitals and health systems are committed to supporting the health care workforce today, preparing them for tomorrow and building a pathway for the future. This report, developed under the guidance of the AHA Board of Trustees’ Task Force on Workforce and with input from many members of the AHA,…