Workforce Planning

Jun 15, 2021
The AHA Living Learning Network (LLN) is creating a digital look book to showcase every aspect of the past year as we look back and reflect on the pandemic. Join us in this important effort by sharing photographs, commentaries and short stories that define the challenges, collaborations,…
Jun 15, 2021
Navv Systems Inc., born out of Henry Ford Health System, will use the injection of a $3.2 million venture capital seed round to bolster its pipeline of health care systems focused on better tracking of equipment and personnel, as well as helping patients and visitors better navigate complex…
May 7, 2021
President Biden has expressed his hope that America will have a normal, or as close to normal as possible, Fourth of July this year. All the signs increasingly point to fulfillment of that wish — a wish we all share.
Jul 10, 2020
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Feb 13, 2020
Cathy Bennett, president and CEO of the New Jersey Hospital Association, talks about the latest AHA workforce TrendWatch and how hospitals and health systems in her state champion programs to support a skilled and dynamic workforce.
Nov 26, 2019
AHA Workforce and AHA’s American Society for Health Care Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) convened HR leaders from across the country to discuss top workforce challenges, shifts in needs and how the field is adapting recruitment and retention practices to anticipate changes in health care…
Apr 3, 2019
In this podcast, two Midland Memorial Hospital executives discuss how the system creates value through higher patient experience scores, lower labor costs, less overtime and higher nurse satisfaction scores.
Oct 18, 2018
HHS today announced $293 million in awards to expand the primary health care workforce for clinicians and students through the National Health Service Corps and Nurse Corps programs.
May 18, 2018
This program offers three perspectives on the strategies and key leaders needed to develop a system-wide workforce development plan.  First, Rhonda Anderson, former CEO of Cardon Children’s Medical Center, part of BannerHealth and member of the AHA 2016 Committee on Performance Improvement…
May 18, 2018
AHA Workforce Webinar Series Recordings and Presentations The AHA Workforce Center hosts a series of webinars focused on sustainable health care delivery through strategic workforce development.