Answering Kids’ Questions about COVID-19

What better way to learn about how to talk with children about COVID-19 than getting a child’s perspective? In a seven-minute video from Children’s Hospital Colorado, a 9-year-old asks two of the hospital’s physicians—a pediatric psychologist and a pediatric infectious disease specialist—such pressing questions as: What is the coronavirus? Is it safe to go outside with other kids? Will grandma and grandpa be okay? What about my little brother/sister? What do I do if I get sick?

The clinicians share information and guidance with a clear, calming tone. Some of their advice: It’s not usually necessary for children and parents to wear masks. Greet family and friends with elbow bumps at a distance, instead of high-fives. And the Baby Shark song is perfect to time handwashing. The video is appropriate and enjoyable for children and adults of all ages.

Update: Since posting this video, Children’s Hospital Colorado has added a FAQs page for parents and other resources and updated information on its website.