3D Printing to Make Reusable Plastic Surgical Masks

Dusty Richardson, M.D., a neurosurgeon at Billings (Montana) Clinic found a new way to make reusable plastic face masks to meet demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Billings Clinic, reuse policies for surgical masks were implemented to help the supply go further. Richardson collaborated with Spencer Zaugg, a local dentist, and Zaugg’s son, Colton, on a design adaptable for 3D printing. A local company is partnering to provide filter materials for the project. The team finalized the design and process for producing the masks, available for free on the Billings Clinic website. These masks can be produced in different sizes to comfortably fit different faces and cost only $1 to make. Because they are made of plastic, the masks can be wiped down and sanitized for multiple uses.

Update: The AHA is expanding the 100 Million Mask Challenge, launched by Providence, to increase production and distribution of PPE to health care workers nationwide.

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