Therapy Dog Comforts Health Care Workers on the Front Lines in Denver

Medial dog with medial personal on the floor
Photo credit: @docplusdog (Susan Ryan)

Meet Rose Medical Center’s newest member: Wynn, a 1-year-old yellow Labrador. Susan Ryan, M.D., an emergency room physician at the Denver medical center, frequently takes the puppy in training to the hospital to comfort the clinicians, staff and emergency responders who desperately need emotional support during this stressful time. Wynn is set up in the social worker’s office, patiently waiting for visitors. Though it means more frequent handwashing, staff enjoy visiting with Wynn, who was featured on the “Today” show .

Part of the nonprofit program Canine Companions for Independence, Wynn will continue to be trained until she is up to 22 months and then will be placed as a service dog with an adult, child or veteran with disabilities. Meanwhile, the therapy dog is supporting hospital staff during the COVID-19 crisis.