High School Students Create Robotic Trays for COVID-19 Care

Abilene ISD and Wylie ISD Robotics Programs create motorized hospital tray to save on PPE for Hendrick Hospital
Abilene ISD and Wylie ISD Robotics Programs - Hendrick Hospital

Students in the engineering and robotics programs at Abilene High School and Wylie High School in Texas combined their efforts to create a motorized hospital tray. These trays assist health care workers at Hendrick Health System, based in Abilene. The idea sparked from conversations at the health system about how using telehealth keeps providers safe and preserves limited personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks and gowns. Through the brainwork and manual work of students, teachers, Hendrick technicians and employees at a local manufacturing company, a prototype of the robotic tray was a reality in less than 24 hours. Using the motorized trays, nurses and other health care workers are now able to deliver medications and food to patients but eliminate extra trips to patient rooms and save PPE — while still providing quality care. Brad Holland, president and CEO of Hendrick Health System, said, "I could see this revolutionizing the way we deliver health care."