Health Care Workers Share Harrowing and Hopeful Front-Line Stories

In a compelling video interview by the Post Bulletin, four health care workers at Mayo Clinic locations share their experiences on the front lines caring for COVID-patients. The four health care professionals — two nurses, a paramedic and a respiratory therapist — describe harrowing experiences as well as hope-filled encounters.

Amy Spitzner, a critical care nurse who works in an intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients, recounts walking from one hospital room to another, all occupied by patients in critical condition. “It’s a time that I’ve never experienced in my life before,” she said. “I hope this surge ends soon. And we don’t have to deal with this thing again.”

Traci Kokke, an infectious disease nurse, spoke of the joy in watching a patient recover after receiving monoclonal antibodies.

Andrew Torres, a Mayo Clinic ambulance paramedic, says he avoids seeing people outside his immediate household as a safety precaution. But it’s tough, he admits, “because those were things that helped you reset.”

Like their peers in the field, Mayo medical professionals continue to look to each other for support during such a stressful time. Desirae Cogswell, a respiratory therapist, explained: “We are a family. We’re here to support each other. We rely heavily on each other in this time, because we all know what each other is going through.”

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