A Week of Thanks

National Hospital Week 2020 highlights the adage of every hospital, health system and person involved in keeping our communities healthy – that health comes first. Now more than ever, this important week gives us all the opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems and health care workers and the innovative ways they are supporting the needs of their community members during this pandemic.

With that in mind, this year’s celebration of hospitals, health systems and health care workers is taking the form of “A Week of Thanks”, where people can participate from the safety and comfort of their homes while health care heroes go to work fighting against COVID-19. Join us and help say thanks.

A Week of Thanks – Please use #HospitalWeek in all posts

Sunday Sales: Help us Highlight all the Discounts Available for Health Care Workers

Help us show our appreciation for health care workers by highlighting all the hotel, transportation and other discounts available to them in your community.

Send-a-Meal Monday: Provide a Meal to a Local Health Care Hero (or their family)

Help feed a local health care worker, or their family, as they work to fight COVID-19. Donate to one of these organizations or send food via one of these delivery services.

Tune In Tuesday: Hit Shuffle and Show us Your Dance Moves

Promote a motivational or positive Spotify playlist and share clips of people or health care workers dancing to it (or any music). Use #HospitalWeek in all your posts.

#WednesdayWisdom: Join this Social Trend to Share a Message of Positivity

Share a funny meme, an inspirational quote or a simple thank you to front line caregivers. Use #WednesdayWisdom in your posts.

Thank You Thursday: Share Pics of Chalk Art (or any art!) Thanking Health Care Heroes

Draw positive messages and share pics with #HospitalWeek – Not an artist yourself? RT and help share other people’s artwork.

Face Mask Friday: Show us how you Mitigate the Spread of Germs with Your Face Mask

Share pictures of your face masks (health care workers can share pictures wearing their PPE) with #HospitalWeek. Use #100millionmasks in your tweets to help connect PPE with health care heroes that need it!

Share the Love Saturday: Show your Support by Donating to Protect the Heroes

Donations go directly towards supporting the critical needs of health care workers fighting COVID-19 at the local hospital or healthcare organization of your choice.


Don’t forget to thank Health Care Heroes every night at 8pm, in your time zone, with #SolidarityAt8.

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