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Past Webinars

Guide to Improving Patient Safety in Primary Care Settings by Engaging Patients and Families - August 2018

The Next Frontiers for Providing High-Value Care in Hospitals - July 2018

Performance Improvement: Why Physicians Must Lead in a Value-Driven Health Care System - April 2018

Beyond Resilience: Making a Difference When it Matters Most - March 2018

Geisinger Center for Professionalism and Provider Support - December 2017

Improving Care for Hospitalized Adults with Substance Use Disorder - November 2017

When the Radiologist Becomes the Patient: Radiologists as Hospital Change Agents - September 2017

Building High-Value Care Bridges - August 2017

The Art and Science of Storytelling to Engage and Inspire Health Care Teams - June 2017

Hospitals Addressing Violence Through Behavioral Health and Behavioral Safety Teams - May 2017

Preventing Physician Burnout - What Hospital Leaders Can Do to Make a Difference - March 2017

The Coherence Experience - HonorHealth (Arizona)'s Journey with Techniques for Personal Balance - December 2016

Strategies for Enhancing Resiliency for Individuals, Care Teams, and Organizations - November 2016

Improvement from Within: the C-Suite's Nimble New Partner is CME - October 2016

Picture of GME from the First Round of CLER Visits and Opportunities Ahead - June 2016

OHSU: Our Community Responds to the Opiate Epidemic - July 2016

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency on Health Care Performance - June 2016

Building Excellence in our Clinical Learning Environments for GME - April 2016

Clinical Pharmacist Chronic Pain Services: Implementing Interprofessional Care - March 2016

AMA-AHA Integrated Leadership Principles - January 2016

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