Lead Well

The AHA Physician Alliance connects clinicians with resources and experiences framed by three fundamental values: Lead Well, Be Well and Care Well. These values foster shared decision-making and forge a common language among all health care leaders.

Lead Well focuses on improving the health of the enterprise and developing the collaborative teams to move organizations forward. The Alliance provides a Physician Leader 360 assessment, on-demand resources, a community of peers, as well as a cutting edge interprofessional leadership academy.


Additional Physician Alliance Resources


Catholic Health Initiatives panel

Keys to Successful Co-Leadership

In 2018, key leaders from the American Hospital Association (AHA), American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), now the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL), and the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) were joined by hospital and system chief medical officers and chief nursing officers from around the country with effective co-leadership leadership models to understand what made their leadership stand out from the crowd.

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AHA Physician Leadership 360

As physicians move into senior leadership roles within their organizations, they bring a fresh and relevant perspective to the challenges of delivering high-quality, high-value care. For many, the role of leading and managing collaborative teams across multiple departments requires an entirely new set of skills and behaviors than their medical training prepared them for.

We have designed AHA Physician Leadership 360 to help both hospitals and their physicians identify opportunities for leadership development, and turn that opportunity into action.




Succession Planning Guide

Succession planning can feel like a luxury, even in the best of times. The AHA connected with hospital leaders across the country to understand how they are integrating talent development and succession planning into their culture and operation. The challenges and opportunities identified are presented in this report to help hospitals and health system leaders prioritize and support a robust and comprehensive succession planning program.