The Physician Well-Being Playbook

A guide to combating clinician burnout for hospital and health system leaders

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Health care providers across our diverse workforce are faced with an ever increasing complexity in the systems and approaches we use. In this era of mounting financial pressures, increasing regulatory mandates, rapid technological innovation, and rising consumerism, hospitals and health systems face many challenges to providing high-quality care. To succeed in the midst of these external challenges, hospitals and health systems must have strong leadership and a committed workforce, and they must be alert to the impact of these changes on their entire team.


Addressing burnout among physicians and other health care professionals is a top challenge facing hospitals and health systems today, and fundamental to delivering high quality care. As health care continues to push the edges of what is possible in the care of our patients, we also must ensure that we focus on the care of our teams so they may best help our communities. These resources will help you take action by systematically tackling drivers of burnout and implementing changes to promote well-being. The process will take time, but the journey to a strong sustainable culture begins with a few steps.


To view all of our resources combating burnout, visit the Physician Alliance Be Well page. You can view our webinar on the playbook here. For a first-hand experience developing personal and professional resources to combat burnout and thrive, register for the Physician Leadership Experience


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