AHA Statement on Public Charge Proposal


Rick Pollack
President and CEO

American Hospital Association


September 24, 2018



The public charge proposal released this weekend could jeopardize access to health services for millions of legal immigrants across the country, including children, seniors, the disabled and those with chronic conditions. This could threaten both their individual and public health. The proposal could jeopardize the immigration status of legal immigrants if they enroll in programs such as Medicaid. America’s hospitals and health systems have serious concerns that those legally in the country could choose to forgo health care benefits – and therefore delay accessing care – out of fear of repercussions for themselves and their families. Forgoing care can exacerbate medical conditions leading to sicker patients and a higher reliance on hospital emergency departments. In turn, this could drive up costs for all purchasers of care.


As the backbone of our nation’s health safety net, America’s hospitals and health systems work to protect access to care for those who need it and ensure that our patients and communities are not left behind. We urge the Administration to rethink this policy that could affect the health of millions.





Marie Johnson, (202) 626-2351 mjohnson@aha.org

Colin Milligan (202) 638-5491 cmilligan@aha.org





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