COVID-19: Effective Communications Resources

AHA is providing its latest social media toolkit to help hospitals encourage vaccination against COVID-19.
In time for back-to-school health screenings, AHA Aug. 25 released an infographic on strategies that clinicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have employed to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations among children.
Back to school means back to healthy habits, and AHA’s August digital toolkit reminds the public of how COVID-19 vaccines should be part of families’ plans this year.
In this AHA webinar replay for health care providers, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and hospitals clarify what COVID-19 vaccines are available and share strategies to help promote vaccination, especially in children under age 5.
AHA today released a holiday-themed toolkit with sample social media content and graphics to promote COVID-19 vaccination for parents, children and at-risk communities.