Risk Management

The AHA’s American Society for Health Care Risk Management is celebrating Health Care Risk Management Week.
There are various types of insider threats, and the best approach for any organization is to be proactive, stay vigilant, have a plan, and implement recommendations made in this presentation where needed.
The AHA’s American Society for Health Care Risk Management invites hospitals and others to show their appreciation for health care risk management professionals during HRM Week, June 21-25
Our cyber adversaries are agnostic and collaborative in their approach — they assist each other to develop and launch malware and ransomware attacks against health care.
The AHA has created a panel of a limited number of highly-reputable and qualified cybersecurity service providers to support AHA member hospitals and health systems with their cyber defense programs. The AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Provider (APCP) Program will assist AHA members by directing them…
Cyber risk should be evaluated in terms of potential risk to patient care and safety. Security and privacy of patient data is very important but not above patient safety.
Trusted insiders, both witting and unwitting, can cause grave harm to your organizations facilities, resources, information, and personnel. Insider incidents account for billions of dollars annually in “actual” and “potential” damages and lost revenue related to data breaches, trade secret theft,…
The FBI today alerted the private sector to a sophisticated and aggressive nation-state campaign targeting known critical and common vulnerabilities in virtual private networks, initially reported by the government last year.
COVID-19 has taken a catastrophic financial toll on health care providers, with an estimated $202.6 billion loss between March and June for hospitals alone. This precipitated a sectorwide downgrade by Moody’s and FitchRatings from stable to negative. Innovation within this context may mean more…