Elliott Roberts video

Elliott Roberts video

ELLIOTT C. ROBERTS, SR., in First Person: Selections from the Oral History Interview

What was it like to be in leadership at large public hospitals – the safety net hospitals in New York, New Orleans, and Chicago? How was reorganization handled at these institutions? What labor relations issues came up? Elliott C. Roberts, Sr., comments on these and other topics related to his leadership career in this selection of highlights from an oral history interview conducted in 2011.

After earning his master’s degree from the George Washington University, Mr. Roberts became the executive director of Mercy Douglass Hospital in Philadelphia and then moved on to similar positions at Harlem Hospital Center, Detroit General Hospital, Charity Hospital in New Orleans and Cook County Hospital in Chicago.

During the time that he was serving in leadership positions at these large hospitals, Mr. Roberts taught at a variety of universities, including New York University, Wayne State and the University of Michigan, and was a professor at Louisiana State University.

The edited transcript of the entire oral history is available at no charge on the Center website at http://www.aha.org/research/rc/chhah/oral-histories.shtml