The Addiction Crisis: A Community's Response

The Opioid Addiction Crisis: A Community's Effective Response

On behalf of the American Hospital Association Section for Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services, I invite you to join a small group of your executive colleagues for a webinar and discussion. Mark H. Merrill, President & CEO, Valley Health System, Dr. Nicolas C. Restrepo, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, VA, Kevin Sanzenbacher, Chief, Winchester Police Department, Lauren Cummings, Executive Director, Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition, and Tim Coyne, Public Defender, Winchester, VA, will describe the evolution and impact of their community partnership -- The Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition.

This Coalition is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary collaboration of law enforcement (prosecution and defense resources alike), public health, Valley Health System, child welfare, family courts, county and city leadership, and community members impacted by the crisis of heroin and opiate addiction. The speakers will share how a Northern Shenandoah Valley community coalesced to develop strategies to effectively respond to the challenge of heroin and opiate abuse in a rural Virginia community, including: “Breaking the Code of Silence”, an educational campaign to highlight awareness; Installation of Drug Take Back Boxes at various locations; development and access to transitional care after incarceration; establishment of a Drug Treatment Court; and use of a Peer Recovery Network, among other initiatives.


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