Building Capacity on the Front Lines to Combat COVID-19

On this AHA Advancing Health podcast, Esther Corpuz, CEO of Alivio Medical Center in Chicago, talks about combatting the COVID-19 pandemic through testing, vaccinations and education within the community. Corpuz also shares insights on working with the Hispanic community to increase vaccine confidence and equitable approaches to vaccine administration.

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Minority Health Month Exclusive: Keys for Adding Capacity to Combat COVID-19. A conversation between AHA and Alivio Medical Center. Successful Vaccination Strategiesfor Communities: Be deliberate in targeting a vaccination push. Partner with other community and health groups to amplify and coordinate outreach. Make appointments easy and varied; text for appointments; outbound calls to existing patients; online scheduling. Keys to Adding Capacity for Covid Testing and Vaccinations: Collaborate to save time and stretch resources. Empower staff to stay nimble. Prioritize ease for the people you need to help. Learn and adapt as a community; put competition aside.

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