[SPONSORED] How Great Leaders Prepare for the Imaginable as well as the Unimaginable

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, health care has faced many workforce challenges in delivering patient care, including staffing shortages and clinician burnout in the face of unrelenting demand. These challenges have affected all health care staff — from front-line workers to the C-suite. Having the right leaders in the right positions is essential to building and strengthening a dedicated workforce, as well as preparing for the expected and unexpected business continuity challenges before, during and after a crisis. This is especially true for the health care field as it continues to battle the unprecedented COVID pandemic and faces what comes next. Join us as Northwell Health shares how its leadership approaches have affected all levels of clinical, operational, and administrative staff to help the system weather the storms of the COVID Pandemic, the Great Resignation and more, all while providing the highest-quality patient outcomes. The conversation will also touch upon the concept of Destination Employer and how it supports the hospital’s culture. Today's podcast is brought you by the Hebets Company.