[Special Edition] Nurses’ Journey from Ukraine to U.S. with Ochsner Health

Before long, some Ukrainian nurses who are fleeing the war in their country will be taking a journey of some six thousand miles, to call Louisiana their new home. The nurses’ journey to relocate to a safer place comes courtesy of Ochsner Health in New Orleans, which has partnered with several organizations to make it happen. Global Nurse Partners, which brings internationally experienced nurses and U.S. healthcare facilities together for permanent positions, is among the groups Ochsner has worked with, along with CGFNS International, the American Hospital Association and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership. Together, these groups are providing two very valuable services. The Ukrainian care providers are receiving refuge and protection from an escalating conflict and communities around New Orleans and across Louisiana are getting trained nurses at a time when the U.S. does not have enough nurses to meet demand. Warner Thomas, president and CEO of Ochsner Health, sat down recently with Robyn Begley, CEO of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership and Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President of workforce for the American Hospital Association, to discuss this relocation initiative and what the future may hold. This podcast was recorded in mid-July at the American Hospital Association’s annual Leadership Summit in San Diego.

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.

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