#JustLead featuring Salinas Valley Memorial Health and Montage Health

Every day, hospitals and health systems are doing some of the most innovative work in America, finding new ways and new partners to collaborate with to advance the health of their communities. Each is turning to a different approach for patient care.

Welcome to the American Hospital Association's new podcast series, Just Lead a series highlighting how hospitals and health systems that have been recognized with awards for innovation, collaboration and health equity are transforming health care for their communities. The annual AHA Dick Davidson Nova Awards recognize the stars of this effort. The awards salute those programs that are helping to address many of our nation's most pressing health challenges while creating healthier communities and increasing well-being for their neighbors. The deadline for applications for the 2023 NOVA Awards is November 16th. You can learn more at www.aha.org/nova.

One of the five programs recognized with the 2022 Nova Award is California's Monterey County Diabetes Collaborative. A joint venture from the Salinas Valley Memorial Health Care System and Montage Health. With me today are Dr. Steven Packer, president and CEO of Montage Health in Monterey, California and Pete Delgado, president and CEO of Salinas Valley Memorial Health Care System.