Collaboration & Partnerships

Boost health care organizations’ communication in crises with tips, practical strategies and field examples for staff, patients, and the community.
In the U.S. health care system, the demand for behavioral health care has long outpaced availability, with many patients forced to turn to their primary care providers for help. To find a solution, Henry Ford Health System decided to get creative with a new collaborative care program that for the…
Teams at hospitals and health systems understand that social needs and economic circumstances have a significant impact on an individual’s health and well-being.
Hospitals are using real-time supply chain strategies to meet the financial, operational and quality demands in the health care supply chain.
In this podcast, three leaders from rural health care systems agree that every community must find its own unique way to maximize new partnerships and affiliations while maintaining the best possible care for patients.
The Food and Drug Administration June 20 released guidance on a new voluntary pilot program intended to improve certain laboratory-developed tests used to identify patients for treatment with certain oncology drug products
Retail health clinics are growing not only in number but in scope of services delivered. But so far, these outlets primarily are located in higher-income communities ringing urban areas with large populations while rural and underserved communities remain largely out of the picture.
Rural hospitals, which deliver about one in 10 babies nationally each year, have been closing in significant numbers. Despite the challenging environment, rural hospitals and health systems are taking traditional and innovative approaches to build or expand their maternal health programs.