AHA’s Newest COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Resources Include Video, Webinar and Infographic

AHA Member Advisory
April 6, 2021

Ongoing Effort Helps Hospitals and Health Systems Guide Patients toward Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines

As the supply and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines continues to ramp up, more people are getting vaccinated as states widen their eligibility requirements. This is an encouraging trend. Still, a significant portion of those yet to be vaccinated, including some employees of hospitals and health systems, continue to express that they are not yet ready to get their vaccine, due in part to unanswered questions and concerns.

Research shows that the best way to promote confidence in the vaccines, along with eventual acceptance, is to acknowledge the public’s concerns and respond to their questions by providing the information they are seeking. Health care professionals are consistently identified as among the most trusted and credible sources of vaccine information. This presents an opportunity for hospitals and health systems to help a greater number of people grow more confident about COVID-19 vaccines’ safety and effectiveness.

This week, AHA is providing:

  • a new video focused on health care workers’ reasons for getting vaccinated and
  • a replay of a webinar on holding successful vaccination events.

Additionally, AHA developed a printable infographic on COVID-19 vaccine storage with the hope that it will be used by hospitals’ and health systems’ staff to ensure vaccines are appropriately stored.


The AHA continues to curate ready-to-use tools from trusted experts while developing new, additional resources to help hospitals quickly and effectively share sound messages and accurate information on COVID-19 vaccines.

  • #MyWhy video: As part of AHA’s ongoing social media campaign to share health care workers’ personal reasons for getting vaccinated, AHA has launched a new video that brings together existing #MyWhy video testimonies as well as additional videos to highlight their “why” for getting vaccinated.
  • Vaccination event webinar: The first of AHA’s “Joining Hands for Greater Impact” series of webinars took place recently with a discussion with Atrium Health, American Airlines and Charlotte Douglas International Airport representatives about how they came together to “get shots in arms” in Charlotte, N.C. Atrium also shares lessons learned from its other vaccination efforts, including mobile teams, community clinics and drive-up sites, to ensure equitable administration of vaccines. Learn more and watch a replay of the event here.
  • Vaccine storage infographic: To ensure hospitals and health systems are able to quickly communicate critical vaccine storage information among an increasingly broad and diverse group of internal and external stakeholders, AHA developed a one-page infographic detailing the storage requirements for each of the three vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson) currently approved for emergency use. The infographic provides critical storage information in an easy-to-reference document. Hospitals are encouraged to print, post and share as necessary, both internally and among community stakeholders.
  • Communications resources: AHA maintains a one-stop web resource for hospitals and health systems to find communication materials related to the COVID-19 vaccine. The hub integrates content from a number of trusted sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Ad Council; new Asian-language translations of COVID-19 vaccine information; and graphics designed for social media, talking points for staff, PSAs, posters and more for hospitals’ use. Additionally, resources are broken down by audience, including materials specifically designed for reaching staff or communities of color.
  • New social media assets: AHA continues to generate downloadable content that can be branded and used by members on social media including badges, infographics and short animation files.
  • Additional public service announcements: AHA will continue to produce public service announcements/ads (PSAs) as it has done previously in partnership with the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association, to urge the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when their opportunity arises. Additional PSAs will allow members to add their logo to the message to strengthen it locally.


  • Share this advisory with your senior management, communications, legal and community resource teams.
  • Identify other trusted resources available locally for patients and families.
  • Identify community stakeholders who would benefit from having some or all of this information.


If you have questions, please contact AHA at 800-424-4301.