Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

Driving Innovation Through Collaboration three employees working togetherJoin the AHA in Atlanta on May 9 for the Executive Forum to explore how hospitals and health systems are driving innovation and value through collaboration with providers, payers, employers and community partners.

Amir Dan Rubin, president and CEO of One Medical, will lead a session on consumer-focused health care innovation. Consumers increasingly are looking for health care solutions to meet their needs on their terms. These consumer-driven expectations include same-day access, after-hours support, digital solutions, appealing environments, elevated service levels and affordability. Rubin will present lessons and experiences developed at One Medical, an innovative health care startup built from the ground up to address such consumer needs.

Participants also will gain insights on ways to partner with industry disrupters to promote innovation within their organizations. AHA Chair-elect Melinda Estes, M.D., president and CEO of Saint Luke's Health System in Kansas City, Mo., will lead a discussion on the role of community partners in improving community health. Learn more and register here.

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