Tap These AHA Resources to Prepare for Changes in 2020 and Beyond

AHA Market Scan 2020 Environmental ScanFrom access to care to innovation to affordability and value to consumer engagement, 2020 will be another year of great change for health care. Hospital and health system leaders, their staffs and boards can get a jump on charting their strategic course for next year and beyond with help from the AHA 2020 Environmental Scan.

The Scan provides an overview of the trends, statistics and economic forecasts likely to impact patients and providers at every level of care and will help organizations plan for the future. The document covers:

  • Access, including coverage and workforce issues.
  • Health, including social determinants, behavioral health and aging.
  • Innovation, including digital health, disruptive innovation and AI.
  • Affordability and value, including cost to stakeholders, care delivery trends and performance improvement.
  • Individuals as partners, including patient engagement in a digital, diverse world.
  • The impact and landscape of hospitals and health systems, including the economic impact of hospitals, cybersecurity, rural health and general trends.

Among the many trends explored in the report, innovation has become a key focus for many health care leaders and organizations. The report notes that 86% of health systems now have one or more executives responsible for innovation strategy and oversight.

Recognizing consumers as partners in their own care has become an issue of growing importance to health care organizations, and the report provides a wealth of data on issues like what electronic capabilities increase the likelihood of an individual’s choice of a provider and health care factors that influence consumer decisions.

Continue exploring AHA’s market intelligence, strategy and data resources by checking out these other resources:

  • AHA Data: Get access to information provided by nearly 6,300 hospitals and more than 400 health systems.
  • AHA Market Insights: Reports, tools and resources on topics that are driving where health care is headed next.
  • AHA Scan and Plan: These resources will help you create a strategy for your unique situation and take action throughout the year.

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