AI Coalition Plans to Transform the Field Through Responsible Adoption

AI Coalition Plans to Transform the Field Through Responsible Adoption. A microchip with an icon of a human head with the brain visible etched on it. The microchip is on a circuit board.With the rapid proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care, the not-so-small matters of developing ideal use cases, best practices and teaching future clinicians how to use these tools often have been done on the fly. A new coalition leveraging expertise from the public, private, educational and research sectors plans to help health care organizations responsibly optimize AI’s potential in the field.

The Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Council (AI3C) brings together leaders from the Brookings Institution, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Microsoft, Novant Health, Plug and Play, Providence, UC San Diego and the University of Virginia.

With perspectives from AI practitioners, health care professionals and the research community, the AI3C can guide collaborative projects that accelerate the translation of frontier technologies from research and solution development to implementation, Ashley Llorens, vice president and managing director for Microsoft Research and Incubations, said in a statement announcing the coalition.

The AI3C’s goals are to increase innovation and adoption by showcasing emerging tools, gathering health care-specific use cases, best practices, feedback and research, and transforming the AI workforce by preparing students for careers in AI and data science.

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